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‘To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift’ Steve Prefontaine.

A plant is a living gift! And giving it to your employees sends across a message that has various hues. First, it shows you care, develops a bond of affection not only with the recipient but with his family and friends too.
A plant conveys your appreciation for the employee, sends across a message of loyalty and encouragement and not to forget it serving as a lifetime memento. The ‘green gift’ also helps the recipient create a positive feeling towards you.
The increasing awareness about environment makes the concept of green gifting all the more advantageous. We at TGB also firmly believe that gifting a plant lets you help others take that one small step towards environment conservation and curbing the ever-growing pollution around us. Reducing carbon footprint, increasing work or home efficiency and enhancing aesthetical appeal of the surroundings is just a useful add-on.
And the cost…. Plants as corporate gifts are incredibly cost effective. The health benefits that they provide in addition to building everlasting relationships is just priceless. TGB offers a wide range of plants potted in attractive planters that can be gifted to employees on various occasions such as company’s foundation day, anniversary, birthday of employees, small and big achievements and environment day, etc.