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Plants are a creation of God which are entitled to always give and never expect anything in return. From ages plants have provided humans with basic to the most important things we desire, require or crave for.

In today’s time when the environment is full of pollution plants are the sole medium of eradicating it.

When it comes to air pollution, we need to keep in mind an important fact. Indoors air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than the air outdoors! Indoor air pollution causes serious health problems and long exposure to it can even be life threatening. Some reports say that high exposure to particulate matter lead to 1.5 to 2 million deaths a year globally. As pollution levels rise rapidly, it becomes pertinent that you take steps to nip harmful air pollutants in bud and breathe in a whiff of fresh air for healthy life. We at The Green Boutique wish to partner your mission to reduce and eradicate all these pollutants in the coming time, for which we try to provide you with the best plants at the minimum rates so that plants become more affordable and can be purchased more and more.

How to we classify plants?

On the bases of position of plant it can be categorised into two parts

  1. Indoor Plants:- plants which can be kept indoor. These are called indoor plants because they have more amount of chlorophyl in them which requires less sunlight for the photosynthesis process so they are able to make their food and survive indoors in comparison to outdoor plants. However indoor plants do require INDIRECT-sunlight, fresh air, proper watering and good air circulation.

  1. Outdoor Plants:- according to simple thumb rule all plants which are kept outside your houses are supposedly outdoor plants. These require more air more sunlight and more water to run.

On the bases of Life or seasonality, plants are classified into following types:-

  1. Perineal Plants:- Plants which are meant to live a long life and there existence is not effected by the weather keeping in mind there are planted in their favourable conditions and taken care of properly.

  1. Annuals:- plants whose life cycle from germination to production of seeds lasts upto an year are called annuals example Corn, Peas, Watermelon, Common Zinnia, Common Wheat, Geranium, Tulips etc

  1. Seasonal’s:- plants whose life cycle lasts a season(winters, summers, fall and monsoon) are called seasonals best examples being seasonal flower plants

Sometimes many plants survive more than a season as claimed:- it is true sometimes seasonal plants may not die with the end of their season and tend to last more than claimed time, however the same plant may not survive in another location. This is entirely upto the original and man-made eco system of that area.