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10rs Plants Set 1.0


This is a Rs10 Air purifying Plants Booster Pack which comes with 6 different plants:-
1.Ficus Long-island 2.Wandering Jew 3.Golden Singonium 4. Rhoeo 5.Purple Heart 6.Black Grass
Plant will be sent bare root i.e. without the grow bags and without the soil.
Plant will NOT DIE
If you plan to take it from the nursery there are no charges on Rs 60 for 6 plants but these courier and packaging charges are not part of our profit they are 3rd party expenses which cannot be avoided.
-A small price to pay for 6 exotic plants
-If a plant dies in transit it will only be compensated for 10Rs/Plant-
After you order it will be dispatched after two days.
Happy shopping

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10 reviews for 10rs Plants Set 1.0

  1. Sonam

    Plz don’t increase charges plz charge 60rs only

  2. Sonam

    Plz don’t increase charges plz charge 60rs only

    • Ankush Agarwal

      Mam we are not increasing the prices but courier and packaging will apply.

  3. Jaswin

    I like to buy a

  4. vishwajeet270


    • Ankush Agarwal


  5. Taru

    Without soil damage to nhi hoge aate aate

    • Ankush Agarwal

      No but they can become droopy

  6. Shrikant

    Very Good Healthy Plants received..
    Packaging , size of plants are really good…

    Very happy and excited to see growth in my balcony..

    Love those purple 💜 added to collection… wch is so pleasant Soothing

  7. varsha.chandwani16

    When will these be restocked?

  8. Ashwini patil

    I want 10 rs plant set of 2 will u charge extra courier n packaging for that…??means for 2 set I have to pay 269+269

    • Ankush Agarwal

      Yes sir

  9. Chandrakala

    For plants 60/- ok but for courier 200 was very high

    • Ankush Agarwal

      We would love to have you visit us and take them.

  10. Sudha

    Very nice … All plants survived and growing well… Best deal ever…

    • Ankush Agarwal

      Thank You, Very much appreciated

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