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Aloe Vera


Botanical name(Aloe barbadensis)

Plants specification

Height of plant 15 cm
Spread of plant 15 cm


Aloe Vera care tips:

Sunlight Natural bright light. Indirect bright light or artificial bright light
Soil Soil should be fertile and rich in organic content
Water Check moisture with finger, you should water thoroughly in summer and reduce watering in winters and rainy season. Aloe Vera plants are drought resistant, so they can survive with minimal watering.
Temperature 16 to 30 degree Celsius
Fertilizer Add organic fertilizer. Apply water immediately after applying fertilizer.


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Overview of Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is commonly referred as savior of sunburnt skin, has a plethora of classification including perennial, succulent and xerophytic. Aloe plant can be grown indoors as well as outdoor; they are versatile, low maintenance plant. This is what makes it a common household plant.

Many people keep aloe vera for design and medical uses. It is also used for decorative purpose. It has thick and fleshy leaves, green to grey-green. It is found in many consumer products like skin lotion, cosmetics and ointment for sun burns.

The product contains

Sr. No. Item Name
1. Aloe Vera – Succulent Plant
2. 10 cm grower round plastic pot (Black)


Can Aloe vera grow in water? We recommend growing Aloe Vera in a well-drained and porous soil for its healthy growth.
Is Aloe Vera a cactus? No, Aloe vera is succulent and not cactus.
Does Aloe Vera need sunlight? Aloe Vera plant requires at least 4-6 hours of natural bright light for its healthy growth. However, Aloe Vera can also grow in indirect natural bright light for the rest of the day.
How Aloe Vera is useful? Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant use in many cosmetic products and also an air purifier that can clean air around you.
How does Aloe Vera propagate? Seasons best for the propagation of aloe vera are summer and spring. Remove any offsets by cutting them and drying for one to two days. This helps prevent the sap from escaping. Unlike repotting a growing aloe plant, propagation requires a sandy potting mix. 



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