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Set of 2 White Ceramic Singonium Combo


A Set of 2 White Ceramic Singonium Combo contains of 1 Silver Singonium plant and 1 pc Pink Singonium Plant planted in TGB® White Square Ceramic Pots. This combo is an Indoor combo which needs to be kept in a location where there is ample of indirect sunlight and proper ventilation. For every 2 days complete indoor the combo needs to be kept 1 full day outdoor in indirect light but not too much heat.

The Plants are planted in high productivity balanced mix of TGB® Soil Less Mix which consists coco peat, perlite, vermi-compost and other TGB® organic fertilisers which will not only keep the plant healthier but also boost its growth by 5 times as compared to normal soil mix.

Please make sure you do not over water the soil. Preferably it has to be watered every third day. The requirement of water can be checked by touching the top soil to understand its dampness.

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This Product Contains

S No. Product
1 1 Pc Silver Singonium
2 1 Pc Pink Singonium
3 2 Pc  TGB® White Square Ceramic Pots



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