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Sansveria Yellow Green Ceramic


Plants specification

Height of plant 20 cm
Spread of plant 10 cm

Yellow Sansevieria Hanini care tips:

Sunlight Bright indirect sunlight
Soil Soil should be fertile and well drained
Water Use only little water just to keep it a bit moist
Temperature 16 to 40 degree Celsius
Fertilizer Organic fertilizer is best. Apply water immediately after applying fertilizer.
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Overview of Yellow Sansevieria Hanini:
Yellow Sansevieria Hanini plant also known as Sansevieria /snake plant. Yellow Sansevieria Hanini green plant is a perfect house plant which is low maintenance indoor plant. It has been proved by NASA that sansevieria one of the top 5 air purifier best for indoor in eliminating anti-oxidants from air inside the house.

The product contains

Sr. No. Item Name
1. Yellow Sansevieria Hanini plant
2. 10cm Fancy Green Ceramic Square Pot


Can Yellow Sansevieria Hanini grow in water? Yes
Do Yellow Sansevieria Hanini flower? No
Can Yellow Sansevieria Hanini be planted outside? Yellow Sansevieria Hanini plant is an indoor plant
How to prune Yellow Sansevieria Hanini? Not required, only when leaves dry out.


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