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Spathyphyllum White Self Watering


Botanical name  – (Spathiphyllum)

Plants specification

Height of plant 30 cm
Spread of plant 15 cm


Peace Lily care tips

Sunlight Peace lily prefers partial shade or indirect sunlight or artificial light, yellowing of leaves indicate strong sunlight.
Soil Soil should be fertile and rich in organic content
Water Check moisture with finger; add a cup (50 ml) of water when top soil is dry. Do not overwater plant.
Temperature 18 to 24 degree Celsius
Fertilizer Loosen top soil to add organic fertilizer without disturbing root once a month. Apply water immediately after applying fertilizer.


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Overview of Peace Lily:

Peace lily is adaptable and low maintenance indoor flowering plant. These are not true lilies but flower resembles it.NASA puts it under “Top ten household air cleaning plant”. Native primarily to tropical rainforest of America, peace lily is vibrant and graceful perennial plant. It blooms generally in spring, which lasts for two months. It’s best for office desk, bedroom and hospital rooms. The showy part of the flower features white, hoodlike sheath which resembles white cobra.

The product contains

Sr. No. Item Name
1. Peace Lily
2. 12.5 CM Self Watering White Pot


Does Peace lily release oxygen at night? No. It produces oxygen during daytime and improves humidity. 
Do Peace lilies flower all year? Yes, it flowers all the year round when enough indirect light is available.
Does Peace lily attract bugs? Damaged and Dried flowers can attract bugs. So prune the damaged part and throw them away.
Is Peace lily a lucky plant? Agreeing with Feng Shui, Peace lily is auspicious plant can bring prosperity and a true beauty with its ivory white flowers and glossy leaves.
Do Peace lilies have bulbs? No, Peace lily doesn’t have bulbs, it grows from rhizomes.
Does Peace lily cause allergies? No, Peace lily doesn’t cause any allergies.



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