Overview of Philodendron Xanadu:

The Xanadu is one of the 450 varieties of Philodendron, commonly known as Philodendron (Golden), Xanadu Philodendron, Lacy tree Philodendron, Split-leaf Philodendron. This exotic plant is not a climber and has more of an upright bushy habit, easy to grow plant. It is suitable for growth as both a household plant and an outdoor plant in mid climates, but best it grows in medium indirect light. The leaves of this beautiful foliage plant can be as large as 16-18 inches long and 7-14 inches wide. The best part of this plant is that the older a Xanadu gets the better in looks. It’s an excellent air purifier and a decorative houseplant. 

Note: Parts of plant are poisonous if indigested. Philodendron is especially poisonous to dogs and cats.

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Sr. No. Item Name
1. Philodendron xanadu Green – Plant
2. 10 cm Orange Oval Ceramic


Does Philodendron climb? It’s not basically a climber, but they produce rootlets along the length of its stem that helps them to climb.
Do Philodendrons flower? Yes, Philodendrons flower in summers that are in April to July. It has green with red spathe but rarely flowers. 
Can Philodendron grow from cuttings? Yes, Philodendrons grow from cuttings, take the cutting with at least 23 node for better success rate.
Can Philodendron grow in water? Yes, you can grow Philodendron in water only if you trained it to grow in water from the initial days(nursery)
Why my Philodendron leaves turning yellow? Less sunlight, overwatering or less watering, the plant needs proper sunlight, disease infestation which makes the leaves turn yellow.

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