Good luck Jade a wonderful succulent plant. Jade plant is also the entry gate to learning gardening and upto mastery of bonsai. Jade surpasses the challenges posed by lack of water and extreme heat and the beautiful beige self watering pot a cherry to your cake.  Happy Shopping.

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Pack of : 1pc Jade Plant
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1pc 4 inch Beige Self Watering Pot


Good Luck

4 inches Approx


once a week

Where to Plant Jade Plant

Make sure it receives full sun to encourage a dense display of its thick, succulent leaves. Grow jade plants indoors outside, they require very warm temperatures.

  • Good Luck Jade Plant is air Purifier Plant

  • This plant is low on maintenance and is often seen in the corridors and corners of the living room as it does not take up much space and often people like to keep it on their bedroom or office table.
  • Jade in self watering also known as crassula Plant.

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