Overview of Aglaonema costatum:

Aglaonema costatum is commonly known as Spotted Evergreen, Chinese evergreen, Malaysian evergreen, Fox’s. Aglaonema costatum is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia. Aglaonema costatum has deep green color leaves, and are attractive, varied, tough, drought tolerant, low maintenance, decorative houseplant with beautiful foliage. NASA recommends it as air purifier plant. Does not need direct bright sunlight and can easily grow under shade. Plant is evergreen perennial herb. It is slow in growing and needs repotting every another year. It is suitable for container, hanging basket and office space. 

The product contains

Sr. No. Item Name
1. Aglaonema plant
2. 12cm self watering green pot 



Can Aglaonema grow in water? It can be grown in water but needs to be trained in the right way from its propogating time.
Do Aglaonema flower? Yes, Aglaonema is a flowering plant and shows blooming in spring and summer season.
Can red Aglaonema be planted outside? Aglaonema plant should be protected from direct sunlight, hot and cold droughts. So they are recommended to grow in shades where there is indirect sunlight.
How to prune Aglaonema? The plant does not require pruning. The lower leaves will get yellow and gets dried naturally so you can remove it. You can prune any yellow or infected leaves.

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