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Upcoming Ventures

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TGB Dairy Farming

With an aim to provide pure milk straight from the farm to your kitchen, TGB plans to venture into dairy farming soon. High on our agenda would be to offer you good old-fashioned organic dairy products.

TGB Poultry Farming

As the demand for quality poultry products is increasing by each day a natural extension to our horticulture and dairy farming would be poultry farming. We would combine the best parts of organic, conventional and sustainable systems to produce organic poultry meat and eggs.

TGB Organic fertilizers

At a time when, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and other agro chemicals in modern farming have depleted soil fertility and polluted water bodies, there is a growing call and demand for the use of organic manures.

Rightly so… for the advantages of organic manures are…

  • They provides all nutrients required by plants
  • Help in increases fertility and productivity of soil
  • Improves physical, chemical and biological properties of soil

And so on…

It then becomes imperative that TGB invests in this soil-enriching product that not only leads to contamination-free food products but takes care of environment too.