The Coco Peat Disk 1/2KG, a convenient and sustainable solution for your gardening and planting needs.

  • The Coco Peat Disk is made from compressed coconut coir fibers, a natural and renewable resource. It is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional soil mediums, as it reduces the use of peat moss and promotes sustainable gardening practices.
  • This 1/2KG Coco Peat Disk provides a compact and lightweight growing medium that expands when hydrated. Simply add water, and the disk expands into a fluffy and nutrient-rich coco peat that is perfect for potting or starting seeds.
  • Coco peat has excellent water retention capabilities, allowing it to retain moisture while still providing adequate drainage. This helps prevent overwatering and promotes healthy root growth for your plants.

Experience the convenience and sustainability of the Coco Peat Disk 1/2KG. With its compressed form and ability to expand into a nutrient-rich growing medium, it is an ideal choice for potting and seed starting. Enjoy the benefits of using a renewable and effective soil alternative with the Coco Peat Disk 1/2KG.

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