Overview of Boston Fern:
Boston Fern is hardy, low maintenance and exotic air purifier houseplant. Ferns are an outstanding shade plant, has history of excellent adaptability and self-producing capacity. It continues to thrive in most extreme conditions. Fern is a fast growing foliage plant which is easy to propagate. It is commonly known as sword or Boston fern Sword fern, Boston fern, Boston sword fern, Wild Boston fern, Boston Blue Bell Fern, Tuber ladder fern, and Fishbone fern, typically attractive, with long, graceful fronds bedecked with tiny leaves. It’s a non-flowering plant.

The product contains

Sr. No. Item Name
1. Boston fern – Plant
2. 15 cm grower round plastic pot (Black)


When to plant fern bulbs? You can plant Fern bulbs in the spring and summer season for better result.
Can fern grow in water? Fern can grow in water, if they are trained to grow it from its initial stage, better to pour some water on top of the pebbles, as the water evaporates, the humidity will help the fern to grow.
Why my fern plant leaves turning brown? The browning of fern leaf is mainly due to over-watering, under watering and exposure to dry air.
Where do fern plants grow? Fern plants grows well in shady forest, moist environment, cervices in rock faces, particularly well sheltered places, bogs and swamps. Thus, an excellent decorative houseplant.
Do fern plant need sunlight? Fern plants need indirect sunlight where it grows well, like shady locations. In direct light it may burn.

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