Green Sansevieria Plant

Green Sansevieria looks similar to the Mother In-Law Tongue plant. This Plant has yellow greenish sharp tipped leaves. An easy to grow plant will product multiple shoots in the pot it self which would later turn into plants. Flowers and fruits rarely appear on mature plant which are at least 50 years old. According to NASA Sansevieria plant is an indoor air purifying plant which cleanses the oxidants in the air and increases the oxygen level. 


S No. Product
1 Green Sansevieria Plant 
2 12.5CM Green Self Watering Pot


Can Green Sansevieria grow in water? It can be grown in water but needs to be trained in the right way from its propagating time.
Do Green Sansevieria flower? Very Rare
Can Green Sansevieria be planted outside? Sansevieria plant should be protected from direct sunlight, hot and cold droughts. So, they are recommended to grow in shades where there is indirect sunlight.
How to prune Sansevieria? The plant does not require pruning. The lower leaves will get yellow and gets dried naturally so you can remove it. You can prune any yellow or infected leaves.

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